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The Tomlin St Cyr Ambassador program (TSCA) is designed to assist companies in recruiting their upper-level management, doctors and other professionals. The program provides professional support when recruiting a candidate from outside the Tampa Bay area by providing a local expert who will sell the benefits of living in this great community. Ambassadors are real estate agents who have spent a considerable part of their lives in the area and know the value of Tampa Bay for young professionals, families, empty-nesters and those approaching retirement.

How does the program work?
A TSCA partner will complete the interview process with the candidate. Once an offer will be made, a call will be made to his or her TSCA agent. The agent will pick up the candidate (and spouse) and spend roughly two hours showing them the wonderful aspects of living in Tampa and Florida.

During that time, the agent will not specifically bring up housing unless asked, focusing on the cultural, educational, sports and outdoor assets that Tampa Bay offers. The objective of this time is to convince the candidate that Tampa will be a wonderful place to live. At no time would the agent discuss anything specifically about the job and only speak positively about the view of the organization in the community. In addition to having a professional show the highlights of the area, it will also provide the candidate and spouse with a source for additional information that might otherwise be difficult to ask someone from the company’s leadership team. At the conclusion, the TSCA agent will return the candidate to either the hotel or airport.

What commitments are required of the company or the candidate?
None. That's right, absolutely no commitments, obligations or costs are associated with this program. The primary benefit to the TSCA agent is the opportunity to spend time with the candidate and spouse and provide real value to them in making a decision to move to Tampa. Through that process it is up to the TSCA agent to develop the respect and relationship with them that may lead to a home buying client once the offer is accepted. If they decide to choose another agent, it will be their decision.

What do we need to get started?
There are no formal contracts or agreements. A letter of understanding will be provided outlining the expectations of the TSCA agent and company contact. The TSCA program is offered to your organization for as long as you and Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services find it mutually beneficial.

How will the TSCA agent be assigned to us?
Having the “right” agent working the company is critical to the success of this program. The company will have the opportunity to select their primary TSCA agent who will be the agent responsible for working with your candidate.. A secondary TSCA agent will be available if the primary agent cannot handle a particular candidate due to a prior commitment.

Is there anything special that is done when recruiting a C-Suite candidate?
In addition to the services outlined above, both owners (former business owner and former CEO) are available to assist in the initial tour of the city and will be available to make the appropriate introductions when requested and where possible. Both have lived in Tampa since 1984, have held leadership positions in both business and service organizations and are personally interested in the growth, success and quality of life in Tampa Bay.

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