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TSC Referral Agent Programs

Many people enjoy real estate but don’t want to actively work with buyers or sellers. Once you obtain your real estate license, you are eligible to receive commission on sales generated from people you refer to Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services. We provide you with two options to share in the commission generated from the sale.


Upon obtaining your real estate license, you will join Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services as an agent for TSC Homes. When approached for real estate advice, including buying or listing a home, you would refer them to your TSC Partner agent. A TSC Partner Agent is someone you have met and are confident will provide excellent service to your associates.

Your TSC Partner Agent will handle all aspects of the real estate sale, whether it be a listing to sell a home or a buyer who is looking to purchase a home. Your TSC Partner Agent will keep you updated on the progress as they move through the process, so you are never surprised when talking with your referral.

Once the real estate sale is closed and TSC Homes receives its commission, you will be sent a check representing 25% of the total commission (not including any fees). Unlike many other programs, our commission is calculated on the total commission before broker split, earning you more money on each transaction. (If your commission was calculated after the broker split, you would not earn commission on the broker revenue).

Your only cost is an annual Broker fee of $80 to cover administrative costs associated with keeping you licensed with TSC Homes, our referral agent company dedicated exclusively for our referral agents.


If you would like to become known as someone knowledgeable in real estate, the Platinum Referral Program is the best option for you. By participating at this level, TSC will assist in leveraging your current connections, making you top of mind for real estate advice with your friends, families, neighbors and associates.

What is different about the Platinum Referral Program?

As a Platinum Referral Agent, you provide TSC an electronic file of your contacts. TSC will import them into the TSC real estate contact database, clearly identifying them as your contacts. On a quarterly basis your contacts will receive a newsletter from you providing interesting and useful updates about the real estate market. Most people have a personal interest in real estate and we know they are far more likely to open and read an email if it comes from someone they know - you!

In addition, a TSC Real Estate Market Update will be sent to them (from you) providing interesting and useful information and statistics about trends in the real estate market in the specific area they live. This information will be obtained from MLS and other credible resources to provide your contacts with information to assist them with any questions they might have regarding their home or neighborhood.

For TSC Referral Agents participating in this program, the annual $80 fee is waived.


Why am I an agent with TSC Homes instead of TSC Real Estate Services?

TSC Homes is a company dedicated to referral agents. Since you are licensed with TSC Homes, you are not required to pay local realtor board dues (GTAR) or Multiple Listing fees (MLS) as you do not utilize the systems and resources an active agent would use. This saves you up to $1,000 per year.

Can I add or delete contacts in my TSC Real Estate Database?

You are the owner of these contacts and any additions or deletions are exclusively your decision.

If I decide to not renew my license or move my license to another broker, what will happen to my contacts?

These contacts are owned and controlled by you. TSC will not use these contacts in any way other than what is described above unless you specifically want to initiate additional contacts. If you are no longer licensed with TSC Homes, the contacts will be erased from the TSC Real Estate Database. Their value is tied directly to your endorsement and would have little to no value to TSC without you.

If a problem arises with my TSC Partner Agent, what can I do?

If any issue arises, contact our Managing Broker immediately. She will quickly address your issue, up to and including identifying an alternative agent to work with you. It is critical that you have complete confidence and trust in your TSC Partner Agent.

If I decide to become a TSC Active Agent, what will happen?

For those agents considering a real estate career sometime in the future, the TSC Platinum Referral program provides you a great head start. Prior to becoming an active agent, you are becoming known for your real estate knowledge and a source for advice on real estate issues.

Once you notify TSC of your interest in becoming an Active TSC Agent, we will convert your license to Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services and all referrals from your contacts will go directly to you. Any clients currently being serviced by your TSC Partner Agent will complete their real estate transaction with that agent and you will earn the appropriate referral commission.